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Table of Resources

The following resources can be mined on the surface of the asteroid.

Resource Class Levels Concentration Quantity $/kg $/unit Density (g/unit) Rarity Drill Level
WaterIce.png Water Ice A 1-10 1 5-12 10 .001 .1 1 I
Iron.png Iron A 1-10 1 4-10 500 3.75 7.5 55 I
Cobalt.png Cobalt B 2-4 2 4-8 1k 8.8 8.8 .40 II
Ruthenium.png Ruthenium B 2-4 3 3-7 5k 60 12 .35 II
Osmium.png Osmium C 3-5 4 2-6 15k 337.5 22.5 .20 III
Gold.png Gold C 3-6 5 1-5 30k 570 19 .10 III
Platinum.png Platinum D 4-6 6 1-4 40k 860 21.5 .09 IV

Class: Resources are grouped into four classes. In order to detect a resource, the Spectrometer Level must have the ability to detect the corresponding class level.
Levels: The levels of depth at which resources can spawn (1 being the surface). Equipped drill must be able to reach the depth of a resource to collect it.
Concentration: The level of depth at which this resource is concentrated.
Quantity: The number of units of a resource generated at a location.
$/kg: The value of the resource by weight.
$/unit: The value of the resource by unit.
Density (g/unit): The density of the resource, which effects drilling speed.
Rarity: The rarity of locations where the resource is found.
Drill Required: The required drill level necessary to collect this resource.

Resource Mapping

Resources are mapped across the surface, appearing randomly at locations called nodes. The number of nodes for each resource is generated based on the rarity value. Once seeded, a resource node is filled with resources. First the quantity of resources present at the node is determined using the quantity value. Next, each unit of the resource is distributed to different depth levels based on the depth level range, weighted toward the concentration level.