Welcome, streamers! We’ve put this page together to help potential streamers find out if Gears of Eden is a good fit for their audiences, and to provide information on how to get set up to stream Gears. If you have any questions after viewing this page, please let us know!

What is GoE?

Gears of Eden is a space robot game! Yeah! Do we need to say any more? Yes? Right… that makes sense.

In Gears, players take the reigns of a sentient rover who has awoken in space, all alone on a small asteroid. Gears is set in “the distant future”, in an isolated star system. Machines have been “waking up” for centuries. They’ve formed a civilization, cultures and beliefs. Some believe a mythological and legendary species known as humans gave them life, while others believe in a supreme machine god. Our own little robot starts its particular adventure alone, and is seeking out others to find answers for its own questions. Players have to mine, craft, explore , and carry out missions for other machines, as they work their way to answers that unfold along the way.

We are currently working on a “lite” or “demo” version of Gears of Eden. Look, we’ve all seen indie startups that set huge goals and then fall short and have to shut down. We would like to avoid that. We’re starting small. We have achievable goals for GoE Lite. This version will be limited to the starting asteroid and restricted “proof” implementations of systems like missions, NPC interaction, base-building, crafting, etc. If we are successful at the small stage, then we will be expanding GoE in the future in proportion to our community support and the game’s success. That means opening up new locations for the player to travel to, finding these other machine cultures, better assets, more rich base-building, customization, and of course, we get to continue to reveal the mysteries of our story… both in understanding the past, and the high-stakes implications for the near future.

Why are we partnering with streamers?

We are a small group of indie developers without financial investors or a publisher. We are attempting to go direct to our audience with this game, and we are nearly 100% self-funded at the moment (though we have some early backers via our donation page, Patreon, and Twitch). We really want to make this game as a community, with our players, our fans, with streamers… all of us, together. Having investors and publishers on board sometimes mean you end up making the game they want. We want to make the game we want, and that our fans want as well.

Honestly, we love streamers. In fact, we are streamers too! We’re Twitch Affiliates (come follow us if you like), and we do a lot of our bug hunting tests live! Occasionally we even stream other games for a break. We’ve seen some really great streaming communities out there, and we believe content creators need to support one another in this new indie paradigm we’re striving for. We want to form relationships, provide unique content, and broaden our reach with you.

Is GoE right for your audience?

Keep in mind, we’re talking about alphas for a demo at this stage. So we are very early on! So early, that we may not work for all audiences. If you have an audience that enjoys space games, and getting very early “first look” or “early alpha” gameplay, then we’d love to get an alpha key to you. If you feel like you need to evaluate the game and see if it’s right or not, we understand that as well. The best place to get an idea of what GoE is like CURRENTLY, is to browse some of our most recent vods on our Twitch channel. Warning, it’s very raw and sometimes really boring development streams. You can also check our YouTube page, but it is slower to update with new content!

Being so early in development, we are working on core mechanics and constantly expanding out from there. What you can expect in the game right now is to drive a rover around an asteroid. The rover reacts to objects and talks to itself. You scan for resources with your spectrometer (higher levels reveal more types of resources), and you collect resources with your drill and drill bit (again, higher levels allow you to reach further into the ground and recover more dense elements). You can scavenge parts and resources from interactive crates scattered around. You can craft drill bits and fuel cells on your rover, and craft and equip rover upgrades at your base (wheels, motors, solar panels, etc.). These upgrades can be equipped and will increase your performance or expand your abilities. You can also hunt for some special lore items. We don’t yet have missions, NPC interactions, base-building, and other planned features in the game – though these will be a part of upcoming alphas that can make good updates for your streams.

Gears of Eden is therefore, right now, very much a “chill” game. If your audience is used to faster paced FPS or sports games, for example, GoE Alpha is most likely not the best fit. If you have an audience that is into games like Stardew Valley, Minecraft, Kerbal Space Program, etc. then you’re probably a good candidate!

All we ask is…

We don’t need you to sign an NDA or anything like that. It’s pretty simple. If you think the alpha is right for your audience, let’s try streaming it! If you feel the game is not quite to a stage where it is right for your audience, we ask you hold off and maybe check our next alpha release. This shouldn’t need to be said, but we are very early, so while we invite constructive criticism and feedback (we’ll beg you for it, actually), we do ask if you only have negative things about a game in very early development, that you let us know and let us work on those issues before ranting about it online. Alpha access is a chance to come backstage and see the game in it’s early origins, warts and all. This is not a stage where we are asking the public at large to review the game. It’s a chance to join our develop process and help provide us with you and your audiences reactions and suggestions to help make the game develop in the right direction! You can expect to see bugs, incomplete features, UI still in development, etc. If that is not your thing, let’s put this adventure together on the shelf for a later update. We’re about communities supporting one another, constructive criticism, positivity, and learning from one another. If you aren’t in that same boat, a streaming partnership probably doesn’t make sense at this stage.

Let’s get started!

If everything above sounds good, let’s get you set up. Please do the following!

  1. Check our features page to get an understanding of where we’re headed
  2. Check the changelog to find the most recent updates and planned updates
  3. Check our early-access-info page for important information on our latest release
  4. If you haven’t registered and received an alpha key yet, enroll here (yes, it’s a newsletter signup, but we use that to set your account up as well)
  5. After enrolling, please contact us (via website, twitter, or discord) so we can talk about your channel and flag your account for streamer access and get a key to you.

That’s it! Once you get a key, we’ll provide a link to download the client and you’ll be all set!