Welcome, streamers! We need your help! As indie devs, we can’t reach our goals and grow this game without you! We’ve put this page together to help potential streamers find out if Gears of Eden is a good fit for their audiences, and to provide information on how to get set up to stream Gears. If you have any questions after viewing this page, please contact us via Discord!

What is GoE?

Gears of Eden is a space robot survival game! You play as a rover who wakes up with sentience, lost and alone on a small asteroid in the middle of nowhere. You have to manager your power, your parts, and craft upgrades and new tools as you explore and look for answers to the mysteries of Gears of Eden.

Twitch Integration

Gears of Eden features Twitch integration. That means you can connect the game to your Twitch channel, and allow your audience to affect you in the game by voting on commands using your Twitch Chat. You control how often your audience is prompted, and how long the voting window stays open. Using the chat voting system, they can vote to trigger events in the game like turbo boosts, gas eruptions, the arrival of drop pods filled with goodies, solar flares, and more!

Let’s get started!

If everything above sounds good, let’s get you set up. Please do the following!

  1. Download the free GoE demo from Steam.
  2. Contact us on Discord to get a Streamer key.
  3. Tell us when you will be streaming – we will promote your stream, and try to stop by with a special surprise!

Beginner player tips!

  1. Power management is vital! Stay near the starting base until you’ve got a handle on power management and resource collection.
  2. Craft lots of repair kits and fuel cells before you explore.
  3. Following the opening quest chain, as it will teach you the basic mechanics of the game!
  4. For some additional basic help, including default key bindings and FAQs, see our Info page!

In return, please!!

Please let your audience know about our game, and our Kickstarter! Your audience can sign up to for a free demo key, on our website. Thank you!! <3

Users vote for !drop in Twitch chat – A drop pod descends from the heavens with some helpful goodies… if you can get to it before it takes off!

Challenges for your stream!

  1. There is a cave near the home base with crystals on the ceiling, can you work with your audience to collect them all?
  2. What’s the longest hang time you can achieve after a turbo boosted jump?
  3. Can you trap a drop pod before it takes off?
  4. Can you collect all the lore items in the game (3 series)
  5. Can you complete all the quests in the game (3 quests chains)
  6. Can you unlock all 8 Steam Achievements in the demo?

Please share these one of these images on your stream!

(right click and save image)