Gears of Eden is a space exploration and survival game set in the distant future that features a deep and engaging story supported by characters with depth, personality and history. Gears is a story-driven adventure that includes open-world elements along with crafting and exploration. We think it is a unique blend of genres that you’ll love!

So, how are we making this happen? We are starting with a very light demo version of GoE as a proof of concept. This showpiece will give only a small taste of what the full game will offer. With your support, we will complete the demo, reach a wider audience, grow further support and develop the full game. But, we can’t do it without your help!

Here’s what we are aiming to provide in our first full demo. If this sounds like something you might be interested in, you can help us reach our demo goals by checking out our rewards and becoming a backer!

GoE Demo Version

  • Take control and play as a sentient rover
  • Open world exploration of one location (small asteroid)
  • Resource discovery and mining
  • Power and inventory management
  • Crafting and upgrading of tools/parts
  • Base interactions and upgrades
  • Drone deployment (make your minions mine for you)
  • NPC interaction
  • Story driven mission (limited in demo)
  • Narrative Content (limited in demo)
  • End game conditions/story

GoE Full Version

The features in the full version will depend on our ability to raise funds, feedback from players on the demo, and a lot of interaction and communication with our fans. However, these are some features we have in mind (these will likely be prioritized and tackled incrementally in accordance with fund-raising):

  • Character customization
  • Modular ships with customization
  • Base building (power stations, solar arrays, communications, defense, etc.)
  • Alien life mechanics (combat, resource trading, etc.)
  • Markets and trade economy
  • Multiple locations with unique challenges
  • Richer story with an unfolding narrative
  • Mini-games
  • True multiplayer interaction
  • And much, much more!

None of this happens without your help! We are currently raising funds to help us complete the GoE demo. Join our team! Have an idea or request for a feature you want to see in GoE? Contact us!