Please note, for our Alpha stage, the client is free to download for everyone. However, in order to access the game, you will need to login with an alpha key. Supporters can get a guaranteed access key that will be active during open alpha windows by backing at the Early Access level on our donate page. We are also providing free keys to users who enroll on our mailing list – these will be provided on a first come / first serve basis, and will go out in waves during open alpha windows. For more details and some quick tips to help you get started in the game, please see our alpha info page.


Please see our changelog page for details on updates for each release.

*PLEASE NOTE: Some builds are exclusive backer builds only. This means, only alpha keys designated as a “backer” category will have access to the game for these releases. If you have a public access key, you will only be able to access public build releases. If you are interested in gaining access to backer builds, please see consider supporting Gears of Eden via our donation page.