Alpha 2.7.12 – Released 2/10/22

  • Added descriptive text in inventory menu explaining inventory manipulation options
  • Added text to NEW GAME confirmation explaining inventory and camera movement controls
  • Updated HELP text on SETTINGS page
  • Updated default controls listing on SETTINGS page

Alpha 2.7.11 – Released 2/9/22

  • Fixed bug that made fuse consumable by player
  • Added drill icon to UI that indicates when drill is deployed
  • Drop pods stay on the ground longer and emit a ping
  • Fixed bug that was deploying the drill when !erupt and !turbo commands issued
  • Motor and wheel energy usage reduced
  • Front and rear light energy usage reduced
  • Front and rear lights are now brighter, wider, and reach further
  • A ramp puzzle had been adjusted so ramp stays in contact with ground
  • Minor text adjustments and corrections

Alpha 2.7.10 – Released 2/8/22

  • Email field is now hidden by default (to protect streamers)
  • Toggle options added to show email and show key
  • Motor and wheel energy costs reduced for all levels
  • Tier 1 and 2 motors are now faster (more torque)

Alpha 2.7.9 – Released 1/27/22

  • New Steam achievements (8 total)

Alpha 2.7.5 – Released 12/17/21

  • New 3D interactive mining system implemented
  • Menus in-game have been given a major overhaul and are now easier to use and have greater functionality
  • New tilt meter added showing the severity of terrain incline/decline
  • New lore item series added: A BUG REPORT
  • New quest series added: A Bug’s Life
  • When you use a repair kit, you can now select which repair kit tier you would like to use (1-4)
  • Added a new stat tab to game menus that show basic player stats
  • Volume sliders in SETTINGS now use 0-100% scale instead of decibels
  • Adjusted Twitch input timer sliders in SETTINGS to have more usable ranges and display in minutes instead of seconds
  • 3D radar map fix implemented
  • Tutorial quest bug fixed allowing tutorial quest to be completed
  • All UI elements now correctly hide when you toggle overlays off (F2)
  • Hop Pod time-on-ground has been increased
  • If !erupt or !turbo chat commands are used, the drill and mini-map will close
  • Durability bar exceeding max limit when using the god chat command is fixed
  • Fixed issue with Recylotron timer freezing in display
  • New sound effect added for equipping/repairing components, bug collection, oil collection, crafting and forging completion
  • Lowered resources required for crafting charging stations
  • Lowered time to recycle components
  • Pressing escape on the end game screen should no longer take you back to the game view
  • Time of day should now persist between game sessions
  • Tier 4 drill bit, battery, and cargo should no longer be discoverable in boxes

Alpha 2.6.1 – Released 06/20/20

  • New enemy unit, M-Zecksis added (can be damaged using spectrometer)
  • New interactable object, M-Zecksis nest added
  • New crafting ingredient, M-Zecksis carcass, added
  • New crafting ingredient, Diamond, added
  • New crafting ingredient, Oil, added
  • New collectible object, Oil Drums, added to environment
  • New Forge recipe, Oil, added
  • Upper tier motors and drills now require oil to craft
  • Upper tier spectrometers and drill bits now require diamond to craft
  • New dialogue added
  • Twitch connection detection has been fixed, and should properly display “CONNECTED” status
  • More complete controller/gamepad support added
  • Default keybindings updated
  • New “interact” keybind added
  • Fixed missing control re-mapper, press F4 during gameplay to re-map controls
  • Removed opening dialogue instructing player to open solar panels with incorrect key
  • Updated options menu to show updated key bindings

Alpha 2.5.5 – Released 10/25/19

  • New limited resource, Quartz Crystals, have been added to surface of asteroid. Click to collect.
  • New Twitch Chat command, !erupt – a gas geyser sends your rover soaring
    New Twitch Chat command, !drop – a Sinter Corp Hop Pod drops down with some supplies
  • New craftable/placeable object, “Recycl-o-tron” – allows you to recycle old parts into raw resources
  • Storage bins can now be crafted and placed
  • New 3D asset for Solar Charging Beacons – featuring solar tracking panels
  • New Quest menu tab – mark which quest you want to track in the mission overlay (or turn off the overlay).
  • Tutorial missions grouped in quest, “Beginnings”
  • New quest chain, “A Friend in Need”
  • Integrated feedback form – send bug reports, ideas, and feedback straight from the game
  • Fixed longstanding bug where you sometimes wouldn’t charge with low-angle light hitting your panels
  • Significant improvement to all menu displays to show detailed info on parts, durability, and features
  • Moved target waypoint arrows and mission overlay to UI Container so they are toggled off with F2

Alpha 2.1.2 – Released 6/22/19

  • Quest system added! Several starter “tutorial” objectives implemented to assist new players.
  • Unlocked blueprints progression now saves with game file (cache folder).
  • Rotate-in-place turning added (press turn button while stopped).
  • Batteries and Cargo Holds now upgrade instead of being replaced (you no longer keep your old battery/cargo hold).
  • Increased durability of wheels, motors, and drills.
  • Increased fuel cell power.
  • Increased storage capacity for Hopper, Storage Chest and boxes/crates.
  • Lowered crafting costs for beacons.
  • Motor/Wheel power boosted for lower tiers.
  • Added handbrake (default bind is to spacebar and left shoulder game controller button).
  • Game controller button binds slightly adjusted – forward/reverse now handled by left and right triggers.
  • Fixed missing sprite bug for Tier 3 battery located inside wrecked drone.
  • Forge and Rover now display “forging/crafting in progress” messages.
  • Fixed bug where beacon colliders would block mouse click interactions.
  • Numerous other typo and small bug fixes.

Alpha 2.1.0 – Released 4/19/19

  • Craftable, placeable charging beacons added! These provide energy and show up on your radar (no more getting lost)!
  • WARNING: Now that you can craft your own beacons, almost all pre-existing beacons have been removed!
  • Radar function improved.
  • Gamepad/controller bugs resolved (all gamepads should work for controlling character – currently no UI support)
  • F4 key now opens a control mapper where you can map your own keybinds.
  • Motors and wheels have increased durability.
  • Repair kits restore more durability.
  • Item level number added to part names in menus.
  • Fixed bug limiting inventory to 25 items on game load.
  • Wheel improvement stats display corrected.
  • Removed crate in base by front door.
  • Fixed issue where spectrometer could trigger sleeping drone animation.
  • Numerous typos and display errors fixed.

Alpha 2.0.9 – Released 4/6/19

  • Radar implemented! Your base will now show up as a green dot on the ANTENNA radar when you are within range!
  • Charging towers will show up as yellow crosses when you are within range!
  • Charging towers now charge you at a faster rate!
  • Environment light reflection lowered – the dark is now… darker.
  • The angle of starlight required to charge solar panels has been widened (making it easier to charge in low light).
  • You can now use ESCAPE to exit the inventory menu (and cannot open pause menu while in inventory).
  • Removed inadvertent dark grey distance check from some target indicators.
  • Various UI fixes to make text readable and consistent sizes.
  • Fixed typos in game text.

Alpha 2.0.8 – The “Not this kind of SANDwhich!” patch – Released 4/4/19

  • Lowered sand spawn rates from .35 to .20
  • Added TRASH button on element detail menu (permanently deletes element – like sand)
  • Fixed typo in fuel cell descriptions
  • Slight UI adjustments to fix clipped text
  • Unbound C key (will no longer play legacy camera raising/lowering sound effect)

Alpha 2.0.7 – Released 3/25/19

  • Alpha Key field will now ignore line returns
  • Sliders in settings menu now increment in whole numbers, and Twitch timers increment by 30 second intervals
  • Adjusted setup for puzzle challenge to make it more obvious
  • Lowered zap volume
  • Fixed hitbox on main menu buttons
  • Created offline PAX mode option

Alpha 2.0.6 – Released 3/23/19

  • Fixed text clipping on item descriptions

Alpha 2.0.5 – Released 3/23/19

  • Partial controller support added.
  • Added Twitch chat integration for streamers! If activated with an oauth code from the settings menu, your Twitch audience can vote for in-game effects: luck, flare, zap and turbo:
    luck-doubles mining yield and increases chance for sand
    flare-a solar flare boosts your battery while causing damage to all other components
    zap-your battery shorts out, draining 50% of your battery
    turbo-a motor glitch sends you racing into overdrive
  • Persistence! You can now continue a saved game or start a new one.
  • Updated UI.
  • New crafting tooltips.
  • Unique flora biomes.
  • Crystals and new rock formations added to environment.
  • Environmental area damage from radioactive gas vents.
  • Sand, a new resource, added as a crit chance when collection elements from mining.
  • Glass, a second level crafting material, added to Forge blueprints.
  • Fuse, a future-mission use object, added to game.
  • Collectible lore items (two sets) added.
  • Repair kits added to the game that allow you to restore durability on components.
  • Simple physics puzzles.
  • Sweeping opening cinematic shot (can be skipped by pressing spacebar).
  • Camera and character animations added for encounter with sleeping drone.
  • Additional rover animations added.
  • Malfunctioning hovering/moving NPC drone added.
  • New inactive NPC rover added to game
  • New camera effects.
  • New art icons for system components added to game (Drill Bit, Motor and Spectrometer).
  • New sprites for broken parts added.
  • Implemented audio and visual warning indicators that alert when part durabilities are low.
  • Added off-screen/on-screen target indicators
  • Multi-item tab in menus (used when interacting with multiple objects in one area).
  • Tier 1 items are now able to be crafted.
  • Tier 1 parts work (and break) just like all other parts now (no infinite durability).
  • All parts can now break when they lose all durability (they will still perform, but very poorly).
  • Email login is no longer case-sensitive.
  • Quick access menu buttons implemented.*

Alpha 1.5.1 – Released 4/3/18 (backers only)

  • Lore items added (4 items total, using gibberish text for now)
  • Item swap now works (right click on item with an item loaded cursor)
  • Fixed Tier 3 cargo container inventory limit (now 75 instead of 15)
  • Fixed trail bug when entering and exiting tunnels
  • Updated dust trail shaders
  • Updated storage container shader
  • Updated storage container outline
  • Storage container starts empty

Alpha 1.5.0 – Released 3/9/18 (backers only)

  • Replaced player rover character in game with new model and animations
  • Added interactive object system to game with mouseover highlight effect
  • Added scavenging system (resources can now be found in interactive objects: crates, wreckage, etc.)
  • Added interactive functioning SINTER Forge (crafting table) at base that allows for crafting newly added parts:
    • Drill (tiers 2, 3 & 4)
    • Drill bit (tiers 2, 3 & 4)*
    • Battery (tiers 2, 3 &4)
    • Wheels (tiers 2, 3 &4)
    • Motor (tiers 2, 3 &4)
    • Spectrometer (tiers 2, 3 &4)
    • Solar Panel (tiers 2, 3 &4)
    • Antenna (tiers 2, 3 &4)
    • Cargo hold (tiers 2, 3 &4)
    • Fuel Cell (tiers 1, 2, 3 &4)*
    • Total craftable items: 31
  • Added inventory system to SINTER Forge that is used for Forge crafting (Forge inventory must be stocked with materials)
  • Added antenna function that allows remote connection to SINTER Forge when activated (remote Forge crafting)
  • Crafted rover parts can now be equipped, upgrading your rover’s performance
  • Crafted parts have durability and wear out with usage, eventually breaking (except for battery and cargo hold)
  • Rover parts can be swapped on and off as long as they have remaining durability
  • Inventory slots now have stack limits (64)
  • New inventory management functions (pick up/place whole stack, half-stack, or single unit)
  • Inventory can now be organized freely by player
  • Animated storage container added to base next to forge
  • Camera cycle function has been moved from L-CTRL to F3 (L-CTRL and L-SHIFT used for inventory management)
  • UI layout overhaul to allow interactive object interaction, SINTER Forge crafting, and remote Forge crafting
  • By using spectrometer, drill, and drill bit upgrades, players can now acquire additional resources in game: cobalt, ruthenium, osmium, gold, platinum
  • Increased number of resource nodes on the asteroid from 2,000 to 8,000
  • Added version control check to ensure client is up to date
  • New sprites added for Fuel Cells (and all new parts)
  • New item class code refactoring and various code improvements, bug fixes, and gameplay balancing adjustments (including time sinks, crafting recipes, costs, and more)

*These parts are also available to craft on your rover without a SINTER Forge, as was previously available in Alpha 1.0.0 and 1.0.1

Alpha 1.0.1 – Released 8/29/17

  • Fixed bug where dialogue wouldn’t display upon exiting to menu and restarting
  • Added skylight domes to home base
  • Added collider to rover wheel
  • Fixed charging station positioning
  • Improved function of orbit camera

Alpha 1.0.0 – Released 8/15/17