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It’s been a couple months since our last update, but we’ve been hard at work! Our new Alpha 2.1.2 features a brand new goal system! In this early implementation, it is meant to help new players take their first steps in the game. The current goals will walk you through the core mechanics of mining, crafting and forging. However, we also intend to use this feature for missions you pick up during your space-bot adventures from objects, locations, and NPCs! So, we’d love to get your feedback on this early implementation as we prepare for future content!

You can update your client to 2.1.2 via Steamitchio, or Gamejolt. Be sure to read the updated Quick Start Tips on our alpha info page for helpful early-game advice!

That’s not all!

We know this isn’t a fully functioning game yet. We trust you do as well. We are releasing our Alpha stages for free because we need a community behind us to continue and make the game we want to make – with you! Game development takes a lot of time, dedication and money. We plan to launch a crowd funding campaign in the near future, and we will need your help to spread the word! We just can’t keep making the game without any funding indefinitely. In the meantime, we value and are listening to your feedback!

Here are some other changes in this update:

More power!

We are still trying to get the balance of time sinks, power, and movement right. (Incidentally, this is one of the most important pieces of feedback you can give!) For this update, we’ve made motors and wheel more powerful, and increased their durability (along with the durability of drills). We’ve also increased the power contained in fuel cells. In addition, we have significantly lowered the costs of placeable power/navigation beacons. Another  big change related to power…. we’ve made batteries and cargo holds apply as upgrades rather than as swappable parts. This means that when you apply a battery, you no longer receive the old one back.

More space!

We are working on a recycling center that will allow you to transform old parts into resources, so look for that in a coming update! For now, we’re attempting to alleviate storage issues by increasing the amount of storage in the Forge Hopper, Storage Chest, and all interactive items in the game.

… And more!

Alpha 2.1.2 also includes a number of smaller updates and numerous interface and typo fixes. For a full list of updates on 2.1.2 and other Alpha 2 patches, please visit our changelog.

We want YOU!
We can’t do this without a community. If you want to see Gears of Eden continue, here are 5 things you can do to help:

  1. Join and be active in our Discord. You have no idea how much just showing up and chatting motivates and encourages us.
  2. Likewise, follow us on Twitch and come chat with us during our live gamedev or gameplay streams. If you have Amazon Prime, you get a free Twitch Prime subscription each month, and you can use that to support us on Twitch.
  3. Share our social media posts on TwitterFacebook and Instagram. Sharing is caring!
  4. Help connect us to streamer friends who want might want to play Gears of Eden.
  5. Support GoE through a donation or recurring Twitch subscription.

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