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It must be summer, because it seems like our younger team members have all thrown off their regularly scheduled lives and ran into the woods to accomplish god knows what. (Ain’t college grand?) In truth, those youngsters (myself included) have been taking the summer to pursue some important life changes. This has amounted to a bit of radio silence from us! The Reaching Eden Podcast has been on a bit of a, let’s say, hiatus for the past couple releases and these Dev Updates… whoops. The goal of this is not to make excuses for ourselves, but instead to keep you in the know and to make sure you don’t have to worry that we’ve just packed up and left.

Put simply: this is seasonal pattern for us. We sort of avoided it last year, but even that was by the skin of our teeth. Soon enough, we’ll mellow out and get back to our usual routine, and we greatly appreciate your patience until then. If that’s not good enough for you though, how about some development updates? That’s right, we’ve been working! We just haven’t been telling you about it!

These updates aren’t anything crazy, but they’re a pair of important quality of life updates that, quite frankly, Gears of Eden would be cumbersome to play without. The first of which we’ve been talking about for a while: repair kits! We don’t want you running around Alpha 2 and needing to constantly throw old parts on the side of the road. That’s littering, and we don’t even have roads yet. The repair kits will need to be fine-tuned from now until Alpha 2’s release, but we’re hoping they prove to be a valuable tool for you!

The other update refers back to a discussion we had in the last Dev Update. (You know, two months ago. Whoops.) In fact, it ties in pretty closely to the repair kits: we’re talking about an alert system. Right now the system is pretty basic, amounting to visual and auditory cues whenever something on your character needs fixing. You can even click the visual indicator and get shown specifically what’s needing your attention! This system is going to be greatly improved as development goes on, but for Alpha 2, we at least want you to have this bare bone functionality.

See? Work’s happening! Just not, you know… from the people who tell you about it. Joking aside, we’re very sorry that we’ve dropped this ball. It’s frustrating for us and it’s something we’re working to get back on track with this as soon as possible. Thank you so much for your understanding in this regard. Now, that said: if you’re excited about what you’re hearing here and look forward to us getting our acts together, here’s what I suggest you do: follow us on Twitter or Facebook so you can see the very moment that happens. We also have a Twitch account and Discord where most the team hangs out, ready to answer whatever questions you might have. Feel free to stop on by!

Thank you once more, and from the whole Gears of Eden team: we hope you have a wonderful rest of your week.

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