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Welcome to Episode 14 of Reaching Eden! This week, we discuss our Discord day – where we got to connect with many of you on our always open Discord Server. We also discuss GoE updates, like the progress on our new rover, which we’ve been showing off on our Twitch channel.

Our inspiration this week includes the ups and downs of creative struggles, the response to our first web comic, our Alpha 2 roadmap, and the documentary Jim and Andy (which covers the transformation of Jim Carrey during the making of Man on the Moon). We also find inspiration watching the entertaining Z1GamingYT cover Astroneer on his stream.

Finally, we wrap things up with a discussion of the games we played this week, which include Monster Hunter: World, and Wolfenstein: The New Order.

Thanks for tuning in! We hope you enjoy the show! Reaching Eden is created by the development team behind Gears of Eden, a space based indie game now. Please join us on Patreon, Discord, Twitter, Facebook, Twitch and Instagram to follow our progress. To play our alpha, visit our website at

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