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It’s the unlucky 13th episode of Reaching Eden! We hope we escape the curse and that you have an enjoyable time listening!

This week, we discuss the progress of our new rover as it gets new parts and textures. We also detail some heated debates we had on robot arms and suspensions. And we compare our early development stages with those of Blizzard’s Overwatch

In our inspiration segment we discuss decluttering, and decorating with some Mondo prints. We also find some games to add to our playlist from TheGameFreakShow, while looking forward to NASA’s next Mars mission.

As always, we wrap up the podcast talking about what games we’ve played lately. This week, that list includes Horizon: Zero Dawn, Battle Chef Brigade, and Mario Odyssey.

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Link Dump:

Our New Rover (Image)
Overwatch Prototype (Video)
Mondo (Twitter)
5 Beautiful Games You Can Complete in One Sitting (Article)
NASA’s Next Rover Missions (Video)
Life (Movie Trailer)


Horizon: Zero Dawn
Battle Chef Brigade
Super Mario Odyssey
Mario’s Bombs Away

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