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December 2017

Dev Updates
December 21, 2017

Dev Update #66: User Interface Mini-Update

The holidays are upon us, and in full swing too! But of course, the work…
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December 14, 2017

Reaching Eden Episode 13

It's the unlucky 13th episode of Reaching Eden! We hope we escape the curse and…
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Dev Updates
December 13, 2017

Dev Update #65: The Road Map to Alpha Two

This past weekend was a lot of fun for us at Gears of Eden. We got to…
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Dev Updates
December 6, 2017

Dev Update #64: All Hands On Deck

There are some weeks where we only get one thing done, but it's big and…
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Fan Feedback
December 2, 2017

Vote for Gears of Eden for IndieDB 2017 Indie of the Year!

Indie DB is holding an Indie of the Year contest that can be voted on…
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