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We’re back! The dev update went on hiatus last week for the American Thanksgiving holiday, but development on GoE has continued to progress! We’re happy to be back and bringing you some minor updates from our endeavors.

I’ve titled this post “Into the Weeds” because we’ve really been focused on very minute details lately. In the past week I’ve had in-depth discussions with team members on very specific mechanical details… like how suspension systems and differential work, or the various joints and degrees of rotation in a human arm versus a robot arm. The reason for these conversations, is that we are continuing to turn concept art into realized 3D model assets for our game engine. It’s one thing to have something look cool in a 2D rendering, but when created in 3D it has to function on a practical level. This means things like those joints and suspension need to actually work, or at least maintain the illusion of working. We have some grace in being set in the future, and also being fiction, that provides a degree of tolerance where things can appear to be functional without detailing all the internal technology that might be happening to make it so. We sometimes have to remind ourselves, our top priority is to create a universe that is FUN and engaging, and tells a story. We’re more Star Wars rather than… The Expanse. So, while we definitely emphasize form over function, it’s still important for us to figure out these details and make sure that visually things make enough sense to maintain a reasonable suspension of belief.

While our internal art team continues to develop models, textures and animations for these pieces, our programming side is finishing up work on the UI revamp. Pretty soon our two teams will swap places! The art team will start working on art assets to fill in the new UI created by the programming team with placeholders, and the programming team will start implementing models, texture and animations into the game engine that have been created by the art team! Synergy! We look forward to showing off more of this progress on Patreon, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram!

We’re also currently working on new concept art for our SINTER Forge and bases. We’re previewing those for supporters on our Patreon site, so please consider backing us over there for as little as $1. Your support goes a long way in helping us develop faster and provide you with more exciting content and updates! We would also very much appreciate if you follow our social media accounts linked above, and regularly like, share, and comment on postings. This helps others out there find us, and helps us grow our audience.

That’s it for this week’s update! Please be sure to check out the latest edition of our gaming podcast, Reaching Eden, for more details and some fun behind-the-scenes discussions from our dev team! Have a great week!

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