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A few weeks ago, we put out an episode of the Reaching Eden Podcast in which our writer talked about his experience with Banner Saga by Stoic Studio. Through some stroke of luck, this podcast made its way over to those developers. They liked it! How cool, right? This alone blew our minds, but it also had an unexpected result: they shared it on their social media pages. To date, this is the most exposure that Gears of Eden has received.

And that made us think.

See, most of the content we put out has a purpose. Be it the Reaching Eden Podcast, these Dev Updates, the Twitch streams we do, or any of those art posts we put out to the world, it’s all targeted at bringing eyes to our project. Though Gears of Eden is certainly a passion project, we don’t want it to take a disproportionately long time to develop, and if at all possible, we’d like to be able to keep making passion projects in the future. To accomplish either of these goals, we first need the world to know we exist. Nothing we’ve done has succeeded quite like reaching out to other developers. By creating something, you can learn so much about yourself and the world you exist in. This time, we learned that we are not an island.

Because of this lesson, we’ve started to reach out to fellow indie developers that make games we’re interested in. Just a couple days ago, we put out the first conscious test drive of this philosophy: a Reaching Eden Podcast featuring David Stanley, creator of SkelattackThe podcast is currently available on our Patreon, but we’ll be releasing it for everyone this weekend! We’re super excited to see how it performs, but the experience alone was worth it. It was a healing experience to sit down for a couple hours with someone we’d never met before and just talk about games development.

It’s so easy to get swept up in insecurity and then to name that “competition,” but that’s not really a thing. Great games draw gamers, and so by working together, we’re helping ourselves. Be selfish, help someone out.

We’re very happy about how this experiment has turned out, and we can’t wait to see your reactions! This is a road we definitely plan on continuing down, so be sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook to see the latest and greatest news about everything Gears of Eden. Thank you so much for sticking around for this journey, I hope to see you next week as well!

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