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We’re back with another episode of Reaching Eden, the podcast from the development team of space game, Gears of Eden. We provide updates on our project, as well as creative inspiration. We also talk a little bit about the games we’ve been playing lately.

This week, our updates include Phase 2, our first patch update, short stories, and sandwiches! Our inspiration this week comes from YOU, our audience. We also gush over Merric Gaming’s Gears of Eden Let’s Play video, and we take a look at Super Eyepatch Wolf’s video essay on what makes a great villain. And, if you’re a fan of psychological fiction like Black Mirror, Twilight Zone, etc. be sure to check our our creative director’s recently completed short film, The Recursion Theorem, which we’ve also included in our inspiration for the week (it’s FREE)!

In our gameplay segment, we have a hidden common theme in the games we’ve played lately: Monster Hunter Freedom Unite, Fortnite, and Hollow Knight. What’s the connection here? Let us know on Twitter or Facebook.

We hope you enjoy the show. Please chime in and let us know what you think.

Link Dump:

Gears of Eden Alpha 1 (game)
Robots Don’t Use Forks (story)
Merric Gaming GoE Let’s Play (video)
The Recursion Theorem (Sledge’s short film)
What Makes a Villain Feel Real? (Super Eyepatch Wolf video)

Monster Hunter Freedom Unite
Monster Hunter World Game
Monster Hunter IV Ultimate
Hollow Knight


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