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This is a big week, an important week, and also… a slow week. Or primary focus is, of course, to continue letting you test Gears of Eden Alpha 1, but we’re now beginning to plan out the next phases of the project, both in the long term and the short. Internally, we unofficially refer to this as Phase 2, and the focus is on producing more content, more quickly, with a higher level or organization, coordination and communication. You’ll be hearing more on this soon, but we appreciate your patience in the meantime. Until then, however, we do have a lot of content coming out before our next dev update.

First off, we still have more Alpha Keys being sent out, and will continue to send them out for the foreseeable future! If you want to test, please enroll via our newsletter sign-up, and then give us a shoutout on Twitter. This weekend, we also have the latest episode of the Reaching Eden Podcast coming out (where we talk about some of these Phase 2 plans, and I ramble on about how much I love Monster Hunter). Finally, we also have a new form of content that we’re releasing: the very first first Gears of Eden Short Story, titled Robots Don’t Use Forks! We’re still deciding on an exact release day, but rest assured, you’ll be able to read it in the next few days!

That’s it for this abbreviated development update! Please remember to subscribe to us on YouTube, and follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Twitch. We really need your help liking, sharing and commenting! Thank you, and have a great week!


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