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September 2017

Dev Updates
September 27, 2017

Dev Update #55: Crafting and SINTER Forges

If you've played Gears of Eden Alpha One, you probably crafted some stuff. You probably…
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Dev Updates
September 20, 2017

Dev Update #54: Back to Sprints!

You know what feels good in game development? Sprints. No, not sprinting, I'm way too out…
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September 17, 2017

Reaching Eden Episode 7

We're back with another episode of Reaching Eden, the podcast from the development team of…
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Dev Updates
September 12, 2017

Dev Update #53: Patreon, Short Stories, and Phase Two

Last weekend, we quietly launched our Patreon for Gears of Eden and, with it, our very…
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Short Story
September 8, 2017

“Robots Don’t Use Forks” now on Patreon!

Game development is expensive. And slow. Especially if your team is small and consists of…
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Dev Updates
September 6, 2017

Dev Update #52: Slow Down! Game Devs At Work

This is a big week, an important week, and also... a slow week. Or primary…
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