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Hey everyone! We took a little break from the Dev Update to celebrate Alpha One (and to let me recover from particularly back breaking move), but here a week later, we’re back! As you can imagine, this Dev Update is going to be focused on the alpha and how it’s going. To start things off, I thought I’d show off our very first patch notes:

Alpha 1.0.1 – Released 8/29/17

  • Fixed bug where dialogue wouldn’t display upon exiting to menu and restarting
  • Added skylight domes to home base
  • Added collider to rover wheel
  • Fixed charging station positioning
  • Improved function of orbit camera

How cool is that? Sure, we’ve had a bunch of internal patches, but this is the first time we’ve needed to put together a formal list so that an audience could know what was going on. And, you know what’s even cooler than these patch notes? That there’s actually an audience to communicate with! So far, we’ve sent out just shy of 200 Alpha Keys and the alpha has been downloaded 60 times! That’s above the 25% threshold, which is great for email based distribution! Still be sure to check your junk folder just in case it got dumped in there by mistake! We’ll see if we can sort this junk mail issue out soon, but for now, keep checking.

So far, the Alpha is going super well! Not only are you all finding bugs and other sorts of quirks, but from the sound of things… you’re actually enjoying yourselves? We’ve already been seeing lets plays on YouTube which, quite honestly, has us all abuzz with confidence and validation. It’s one thing that to trick convince some people to play your alpha, but for them to see the value in your efforts? That really means a lot. This first patch is a small one, but we’re going to take your reports, your criticism, and even your praise all to heart as we turn Gears of Eden into the best possible game we can.

One last reminder: we’re not done sending out Alpha Keys! If you’ve been on the fence or are just now finding out about us, it’s a great time to become a subscriber to our free newsletter. This is the easiest way to get in the running for one of these Alpha Keys. We’ll be sure to notify everyone on social media when we’re doing the next wave, so be sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook! Not only will you know when to check your email, you’ll get all the latest and greatest news on Gears of Eden. Thank you so much for reading this and I hope to see you again soon.

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