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Welcome to Episode 6 of Reaching Eden, a podcast from the development team behind space adventure indie game, Gears of EdenGears explores a future where sentient machines search for their creator and ultimate destiny, while our podcast, Reaching Eden, examines our progress in game development, as well as our sources of inspiration for creativity and productivity in everyday life. Join in and laugh with us (or at us), and maybe find some inspiration to help you reach your own Eden!

We are a bit behind with this episode, due to our ongoing Alpha release! Come help us test a very early core-mechanics build of Gears! There isn’t any gameplay yet, but you can drive, explore, collect resources, and do a small bit of crafting!

In this episode, we talk about our Alpha 1 release, the inspiration of music, the psychology of knowing what we and others want, and the triumphs of a game getting out of early access. We wrap up the podcast with a discussion on the games we’ve played lately!

We hope you’ll listen and let us know what you like (or don’t like)! Your feedback, questions and suggestions help us do better! You can contact us, and find out more about Gears of Eden, on our websiteTwitchTwitter, or Facebook! Thanks for tuning in!

Link Dump:

Gears of Eden Alpha 1 (Game Alpha Release)
Lost on You by LP (Music Video)
Laura Pergolizzi Interview (Article)
Twitch: Gears of Eden (Streaming)
The Grey (Trailer)
Game of Thrones (TV Show)


The Long Dark
Alien Isolation
Mount & Blade: Warband
Mount & Blade: Warband Mods
Skyrim Mods

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