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Last week, we asked you on Twitter about your time spent playing games on either a computer or a console.  Personally, this writer is getting in roughly four hours a week, maybe?  It’s the end of the semester and oh boy has it been crazy.  This number will of course skyrocket with the holidays (Final Fantasy XV, I’m comin’ for you), but you know what?  I am so jealous of what you all said in this week’s poll.

Fifty-eight percent of you are clocking over ten hours a week!  I bet you people actually get to beat games!  What’s a BioWare conclusion like?  It’s also pretty interesting how the results turn into a sort of stairway, where every option gets fewer votes than the option after it.  This is relevant to our development process though.  From a writing perspective, we’ve often wondered just how long to make the game.  Obviously, more content is better, but if every gamer played like I do, we’d run the risk of people never playing the second half of the game if it went on for too long.  Fortunately, it’s clear that this isn’t the case.  Now, this doesn’t necessarily mean that the game will end up being long (it’s too early in development to know the length), but it does mean that it’s an option we don’t need to be afraid of.

You know, aside from the added challenge of implementing it.  That’s it for this week’s Fan Feedback though.  If you’d like to participate in this week’s poll, it’s about camera styles and what you prefer!  I’ll be back next Monday to tell you about the results and what they mean to the future of Gears of Eden.  Maybe follow us on Twitter while you’re there for all of the latest updates on Gears of Eden? Thank you, and have a great day!

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