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Last week on Twitter, we asked you about the things that you are most exciting in Gears of Eden!  In this poll, the options were: Exploration and Survival, Story and Characters, Rover customization, and Base Building.  If you look above, you’ll see that we have a tie for first (Exploration/Survival and Story/Characters) and a tie for third (Customization/Bases), which we found pretty interesting.  What does this mean to us though?

So this poll might seem a bit like compliment fishing, and I’ll admit that our writers felt pretty validated!  But this poll was especially important because it helped us know what we had to prioritize in development, or rather, what we need to make sure we don’t neglect.  I’m sure we all know a game or two that did something great, but completely dropped the ball on some major facet. Indie development is a risky game to play, so if we can take unnecessary hurdles like that off the table, we’re in a good place.  Let me be clear though; this doesn’t mean we’re going to just phone in rover customization or base building.  We’re going to make sure those are polished and fully realized!  We’ll just make sure that our worlds and stories are given their due diligence.

This week’s poll is about the sort of development content you want to see from us!  We really enjoy keeping you in the loop, and we would love to get that process to you in the best possible way!  Let us know what you think (start a conversation in the comments, reach us on Twitter, share with us on Facebook, or join us on Discord)! We’ll get back to you next Monday with another poll. And don’t forget to check back on Wednesday for another developer update!

Thank you!

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