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In Gears of Eden, we’re planning to have all of the mechanics evolve from a few roots so that your interactions with our world and experience is as natural and, hopefully, compelling as possible.  If you’ve been keeping up with us, you know these roots; movement, observation, and gathering.  The really exciting thing for us then, is that these mechanics actually work right now.  Game development is full of bug squashing and problem solving.  We will undoubtedly be dealing with much, much more of that as we continue down the development path, but for now?  We have a set of mechanics that really just need to be fine tuned.  So we’re doing that.  I told you about this last week, but right now we’re in a phase in which almost our entire team is working on that.

So what’s the rest of the team up to?  Well, the programmers are doing some testing in that regard, but since they’re capable of computer wizardry that the rest of us can barely comprehend (read: coding), we just sort of let them do that instead.  We also have two artists (Ben Sledge and someone who I look forward to introducing soon) working on UI and textures!  It’s all very much Work-In-Progress, but in the image above, you can see their latest version of both assets!  Finally, our writers are working together to come up with a draft on the demo’s “Play-Story.”  It’s currently outlined, but having a more fleshed out version will help us design the scenarios that you’ll be facing!

That’s pretty far down the line though.  Until then, we’ll continue to keep you up-to-date on the latest development progress here!  If you want to be notified about those updates as they arise, follow us on Twitter and Facebook.  Maybe even subscribe to our newsletter for a chance to join the alpha testing team.  Thank you!

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