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With our return to production, we wanted to restructure how we manage our goals to both keep us on task, and to give us that sense of accomplishment that provides encouragement and motivation.  To this end, we adopted the practice of using sprints.  Sprints are, essentially, a closely grouped bundle of mini-goals/features that, when accomplished, make a meaningful impact on the development process.  The goal of our first sprint was to nail down the feeling in the very first thing you experience in a game like this; movement.  Not just player movement, we also reworked the gravity scripts and even the camera!  Of course, this is early, early development, so we’ll most likely be fine tuning these even further in coming weeks.  What’s important though, is we have the basic structure and system in place to make that fine tuning a simple process.

In fact, for our testers, we’ve even created a sort of debug menu that allows them to play around with most physical behaviors in the game to try and find that sweet spot where control and navigation feels right.  While taking the featured picture that you see above, I actually used this very menu to slow the orbit to something that would allow me to get that “perfect” shot.

This game is a work in progress, which means we always have something new to talk about!  To see the latest updates as soon as they come out, follow us on Twitter and Facebook, and let us know what you think!  And, don’t forget to sign up for our mailing list, especially if you’re interested in the possibility of alpha testing. Thank you!

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