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We’ve had a long break over the summer, but now we’re ramping up and getting things back on track! We’ll have some exciting updates in the days ahead. Our current focus is on fine-tuning the critical systems of player movement, gravity and the camera view. We want to improve these so that the simple and core task of driving around on the asteroid feels good. Once these revisions are in place, we will begin work on our next phase; tweaking the power systems (charging and depletion) so that they provide a satisfying blend of challenge and usability to the player experience. You’ll also soon see some new artwork hitting our social media sites, so make sure you are following us on Twitter and Facebook!

We’ve also recently launched our “rewards” section on the site. If you like what we’re doing, and want to help ensure a space exploration game done right continues to develop, please consider joining us as a financial backer. For more information, check out our rewards page!



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