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Every week, we ask our developers to give us an update on what they’re working on.  We have a lot in progress that we’re not quite ready to show off yet, so this week’s update is smaller. Let’s call it a hint at the great things that are on the way!

Sledge: This week, I had a brief meeting with Ferg to go over his latest round of concept art. The designs are headed in a good direction, and I think we are a few revisions away from a final look and feel. Keep an eye out for new updates coming soon! I also spent a lot of time this week working on the game design document, fleshing out a lot of the details for the machine components and setting more interesting begin-game conditions. And last, I installed MediaWiki on the server, and set up a couple of pages to test it out.

David: What I worked on this week was the control and maneuverability of the rover. Its a lot more stable and the movement is more realistic (in a fun way)!

Mike: I’ve been designing a homepage that focuses on starting to build an audience around the game. I’m hoping it’ll be ready sometime next week.


See you next Wednesday with more dev updates!


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