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Every week, I’ll be asking our wonderful developers to give us an update on what they’re working on. This will focus on our programmers, but I’ll also sometimes include the perspectives of other members on our team.  The goal is for each update to be posted Wednesday, so be sure to check back next week! ~e

Andrue: This week we’ve accomplished some exciting things. Our celestial bodies now have their own orbits! The rover’s camera man is no longer drunk! And, collectable elements now abound beneath the surface of the asteroid!

Xander: This week the dev team has worked to create a new camera script that allows free cam rotation along with smooth follow cam action. We’ve also worked to improve the resource node generation to be based off a seeded random number. UI elements are in the works including transitions and script managers to allow interaction between components.

Volvary: I haven’t been as active as Xander and Andrue this week, but we worked on the base gameplay, making it so you could roll down hills and mine resources from the asteroid with a brand new camera system. All and all, it’s been fun with this first week on the project for me. Looking forward to the near future as we keep improving the base mechanics and make the short term experience more and more compelling.


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