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Dev Updates
November 29, 2017

Dev Update #63: Into the Weeds

We're back! The dev update went on hiatus last week for the American Thanksgiving holiday,…
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November 11, 2017

Reaching Eden Episode 11

Welcome to Reaching Eden episode 11, we call her Elle for short! Or maybe I've…
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Short Story
September 8, 2017

“Robots Don’t Use Forks” now on Patreon!

Game development is expensive. And slow. Especially if your team is small and consists of…
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Dev Updates
September 6, 2017

Dev Update #52: Slow Down! Game Devs At Work

This is a big week, an important week, and also... a slow week. Or primary…
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Dev Updates
March 8, 2017

Dev Update #28: Expectations Blown

Let's talk "Behind The Scenes" for a moment, alright?  When writing one of these Dev…
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Dev Updates
December 22, 2016

Dev Update #21: Days Spent Polishing

We write these blogs every week because, here at Gears of Eden, transparency is king.  We…
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Dev Updates
November 16, 2016

Dev Update #16: What Lurks in the Shadows? BUGS!

Have you ever accused someone, of living in an echo chamber?  Of living in a…
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In Depth
November 4, 2016

From The Programming Desk: Resource Clusters

Hey Everyone, Volvary here. As some of you may remember from the past Dev Updates,…
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