Alpha 2.0.0 – Planned Public Release Coming “Soon”
[subject to change]

  • Collectible lore items (two sets)
  • Additional rover animations
  • Change Tier 1 items to functioning parts that can be crafted
  • Implement a broken condition for all parts

Alpha 1.5.1 – Released 4/3/18 (backers only)

  • Lore items added (4 items total, using gibberish text for now)
  • Item swap now works (right click on item with an item loaded cursor)
  • Fixed Tier 3 cargo container inventory limit (now 75 instead of 15)
  • Fixed trail bug when entering and exiting tunnels
  • Updated dust trail shaders
  • Updated storage container shader
  • Updated storage container outline
  • Storage container starts empty

Alpha 1.5.0 – Released 3/9/18 (backers only)

  • Replaced player rover character in game with new model and animations
  • Added interactive object system to game with mouseover highlight effect
  • Added scavenging system (resources can now be found in interactive objects: crates, wreckage, etc.)
  • Added interactive functioning SINTER Forge (crafting table) at base that allows for crafting newly added parts:
    • Drill (tiers 2, 3 & 4)
    • Drill bit (tiers 2, 3 & 4)*
    • Battery (tiers 2, 3 &4)
    • Wheels (tiers 2, 3 &4)
    • Motor (tiers 2, 3 &4)
    • Spectrometer (tiers 2, 3 &4)
    • Solar Panel (tiers 2, 3 &4)
    • Antenna (tiers 2, 3 &4)
    • Cargo hold (tiers 2, 3 &4)
    • Fuel Cell (tiers 1, 2, 3 &4)*
    • Total craftable items: 31
  • Added inventory system to SINTER Forge that is used for Forge crafting (Forge inventory must be stocked with materials)
  • Added antenna function that allows remote connection to SINTER Forge when activated (remote Forge crafting)
  • Crafted rover parts can now be equipped, upgrading your rover’s performance
  • Crafted parts have durability and wear out with usage, eventually breaking (except for battery and cargo hold)
  • Rover parts can be swapped on and off as long as they have remaining durability
  • Inventory slots now have stack limits (64)
  • New inventory management functions (pick up/place whole stack, half-stack, or single unit)
  • Inventory can now be organized freely by player
  • Animated storage container added to base next to forge
  • Camera cycle function has been moved from L-CTRL to F3 (L-CTRL and L-SHIFT used for inventory management)
  • UI layout overhaul to allow interactive object interaction, SINTER Forge crafting, and remote Forge crafting
  • By using spectrometer, drill, and drill bit upgrades, players can now acquire additional resources in game: cobalt, ruthenium, osmium, gold, platinum
  • Increased number of resource nodes on the asteroid from 2,000 to 8,000
  • Added version control check to ensure client is up to date
  • New sprites added for Fuel Cells (and all new parts)
  • New item class code refactoring and various code improvements, bug fixes, and gameplay balancing adjustments (including time sinks, crafting recipes, costs, and more)

*These parts are also available to craft on your rover without a SINTER Forge, as was previously available in Alpha 1.0.0 and 1.0.1

Alpha 1.0.1 – Released 8/29/17

  • Fixed bug where dialogue wouldn’t display upon exiting to menu and restarting
  • Added skylight domes to home base
  • Added collider to rover wheel
  • Fixed charging station positioning
  • Improved function of orbit camera

Alpha 1.0.0 – Released 8/15/17