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October 2016

Dev Updates
October 26, 2016

Dev Update #13: Bugs and Polls

Very rarely is creation all fun.  When shooting a film, you need to do multiple takes.  When…
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Fan Feedback
October 24, 2016

Fan Feedback: Giveaways and Rewards

If you follow us on Twitter, you might've noticed our recent polls. Well, we want to…
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Dev Updates
October 19, 2016

Dev Update #12: Sprint Four!

There's this little joke I recently heard most RPG games about how lucky you are to grow…
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October 18, 2016

Press Release: Introducing Gears of Eden

Rockville, MD - October 18th, 2016: In 1,000 years the human species will be extinct.…
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Dev Updates
October 1, 2016

Dev Update #9: Power Management

This week, we've been working on Sprint Two, which is focused heavily on power management…
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