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You are a machine inexplicably sparked with sentience, lost in space and in search of answers.


Use your tools to locate and gather vital resources, keeping your battery charged and yourself alive.


Create upgrades, equipment and worker drones to increase your efficiency and capabilities.


Search for meaning and clues about your past; find others who may be able to help (or hinder) you.


Dev Update #73: Giving a Voice to Our Alpha Trailer

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If you've played Gears of Eden Alpha 1, or have watched any of our Alpha 2 test streams on Twitch, you know that we don't have voiced characters in the…

Reaching Eden Episode 16

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Welcome to Episode 16 of Reaching Eden, the game development and inspiration podcast from the team behind space game, Gears of Eden. In our update segment this week, we talk…

Dev Update #72: Hidden Lore

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There was a time when a video game Easter Egg was some strange, hidden reference that you wouldn't be able to find without either a great deal of luck or…

Dev Update #71: Hello Steam!

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There's a good chance if you're reading this, that you are reading it on Steam! Welcome to our weekly dev update! If this isn't new to you, then you've been following…

In the distant future, the dawn of an intelligent machine civilization is taking place in a remote star system. Humankind is remembered only in myth and legend.

You awake alone, afraid, and disoriented on an abandoned asteroid in the depths of space. Wait. Awake? You were never meant to be awake… or ever experience this confusing phenomenon of self-awareness. You are a machine after all, programmed for the expressed purposes of deep-space mining and exploration. How, then, did you come to be alive? And what is the purpose of this newfound sentience? There must be answers out there… somewhere…

Let’s find them! Gears of Eden is an open world role-playing adventure game that features exploration, gathering, crafting, missions, and a gripping story that explores the hidden past of a machine world, and the dangerous implications of its future.

Your journey begins on an abandoned mining asteroid in deep space. Gather resources, repair and upgrade your components, and start searching for others, and for answers to the mysteries surrounding your creation.